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‘A slap in the face of the future’

South of the border, a battle is heating up over President Trump’s new budget proposal. In particular, the President’s proposed cuts to discretionary spending in departments like the EPA, State, and various arts councils has both Democrats and Republicans clamouring over each other to renounce this ‘dead-on-arrival’ budget.

Not to be outdone, as reported by The Hill, Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had this to say about Trump’s budget:

“This is all about a philosophical distrust of the role of the federal government in any way of meeting the needs of the American people,” Pelosi said.

“Should we subject all spending to the harshest scrutiny? We certainly should … to make sure those investments accomplish what they set out to do,” Pelosi added.

“But that’s not what this is about. This is systemic deconstruction of the federal government.”

Dear reader, this is the problem with leftist demagoguery like that of Pelosi. I don’t think they actually care what’s in the budget. Any retrenchment of government, and it’s howls of: “philosophical distrust of the role of the federal government in any way” and “systemic deconstruction of the federal government”. Because, in their world view, only Mother State could possibly meet peoples’ every and any need.

Ironically, these cuts don’t matter anyway. Trump’s eye-watering $1 trillion infrastructure bonanza, along with failure to meaningfully tackle entitlement reform in any way, is the true “slap in the face of the future”. Even more so when the budgetary cuts are inevitably watered down by Congress to the point of tokenism.

Hard to be a conservative in the United States these days. Even harder for conservatives to be Republicans, it seems.

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