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A sneak peek at my latest design project

One of my little side hobbies is typography: learning about typefaces, curating various fonts, and – more recently – designing my first typeface. I’ve learnt through this process that typographic design is as much about the look and feel of the letters as it is getting the angles and curves correct. Sometimes, even if the curves on a letter are mathematically sound, it just doesn’t…look right. I’m learning there is a whole process of optical correction and tweaking – that is, tuning letters to look as appealing as possible to the human eye. I’m also learning that a good typeface must be useable…and that involves a lot of plugging in text, tweaking letter spacing, plugging in new text, tweaking more, and so on.

On the flip side, there is great reward in designing something that has a function beyond its simple forms. Seeing a text set in my creation is, well, kinda cool. So without further ado, here’s a sneak preview of my first typeface: Deco Sans. It’s a bold, hand-drawn display font with plenty of character 🙂

Deco Sans

Once I’m satisfied with the final product, I will be posting it here as a free download. Stay tuned!

UPDATE (25/05/16) You can download Deco Sans here: Deco Sans (OpenType)

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