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Purpose and a new career path

I came across this beautifully-crafted blog post (H/T to Work Awesome) today about finding a satisfying career path. The point that struck me most was this:

“Let’s be clear — purpose is not permanent. Purpose is almost never one thing…Let it go when need be and be open to embracing a greater purpose that, almost certainly, is about to emerge.”

This jives so wonderfully with the Buddhist concept of impermanence. In Buddhist psychology, being attached to any fixed concept – in this case, ‘purpose’ – only narrows our mental scope and leads to suffering. The idea that purpose is a changing, evolving thing on the other hand is super liberating. It means that we aren’t wedded to our parents’ or colleagues’ ideals of what our purpose should be, nor to our own outmoded views. It allows for deep introspection and a continual process of asking – and re-asking – the questions: what’s my purpose? What are my values and passions? What brings me joy?

I will definitely keep this wisdom in my back pocket as I blaze ahead in my own career hunt.


New beginnings…

ello, and thanks for visiting my website!

I’m both excited and a bit intimidated by the prospect of this newly-minted domain. So much potential, so much blank space. I intend to fill this channel over the next weeks with news, resources and my thoughts about the Canadian nonprofit sector – and in particular the job seekers’ climate. It’s a tough slog out there at the moment and I’m committed to doing all I can to help those in search of a dream career…including me!

I also welcome and in fact invite your feedback and comments. Please share your perspective and let’s work together to make Canada’s social fabric stronger and more resilient.